Premier Benefits for the Same Work

Excellent Health Insurance and Retirement Packages

IBEW experienced electrical workers receive incredible benefits such as family health insurance, a pension, and other retirement benefits.

There are several differences between working as an IBEW member and a non-union electrical worker regarding health and retirement benefits.

First of all, experienced non-union electrical workers often pay higher deductibles and premiums for health insurance. This means less money in your paycheck compared to a union electrical worker who is performing the same duties.

Second, most non-union employers do not offer a pension plan. As a result, many non-union electrical workers have to save and invest for their retirement on their own. This again leads to less money in your paycheck despite having the same responsibilities as an IBEW member.

Better Paychecks, Better Benefits

By working for one of the region’s IBEW-affiliated NECA employers union electricians pay smaller health insurance premiums and deductibles. This includes less out-of-pocket expenses related to prescription drugs, dental work and vision coverage.

Other benefits enjoyed by union electrical workers and not often offered by non-union electrical contractors include life insurance and short-term disability.

The IBEW NECA employers of the Locals within Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado take care of their employees, keep them safe and seek to retain their talents.

High Quality Benefits For Hard Work

Experienced electrical workers deserve good health insurance and retirement benefits for the work they perform on a daily basis. If you are a non-union electrical workers, compare your current wage package to that of an IBEW member and see the IBEW value. Try our wage calculator now.

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