What Can You Earn As An IBEW Electrical Worker?

Earn the Paycheck You Deserve

The goal for every worker is to provide a great standard of living for their families. Why work at a job earning less money when you can earn better pay doing the same type of work?

The electrical contractors signatory to IBEW Locals in Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah pay more to their employees. Through greater wages and benefits packages, IBEW members experience the middle-class lifestyle.

Earn What you are Worth

Multiple studies have suggested that some non-union electrical contractors routinely misclassify their employees. This results in electrical workers earning less income than they are worth based on the level of work performed.

Additionally, some non-union contractors do not pay their employees competitive wages. Non-union electrical workers may be compensated at a lower rate than their union-affiliated peers. In some instances, these individuals do not receive paid holidays or overtime pay either.

If you are an experienced non-union electrical worker and you are questioning your compensation, now is the time to upgrade your career and earn better wages.

Peace of Mind with Consistent, Steady Pay

Members of the IBEW receive competitive hourly wages as employees of NECA employers. They are W2 employees who also receive holiday and overtime pay when applicable.

Union electrical workers receive better pay than their non-union peers for performing the same work. Thanks to Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA), IBEW members know their hourly rates, classifications, and expectations on the job.

Are you underpaid for the electrical work you perform? Use our Wages and Benefits Calculator to discover the truth.

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