Steady, Exciting Jobs

Work on High-Profile Projects

Throughout Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado, members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers are working on the region’s most high-profile projects.

Project owners and general contractors know that members of the IBEW are highly trained and highly skilled electrical workers, who perform high quality work.

When it comes to high profile construction projects such as hospitals and medical centers, skyscrapers, stadiums/arenas, schools and universities, union contractors are normally sought to perform the electrical work.

It is vital high quality craftsmanship be performed on these projects and the IBEW has a long history of providing contractors with the top electrical workforce.

This reputation of employing a premier electrical workforce has allowed IBEW contractors to bid on major projects and also enter into Collective Bargaining Agreements to provide steady work for other IBEW members in the area of maintenance.

For many construction workers, there is pride in not only doing a job right, but knowing the project you helped create is appreciated by others.

The IBEW offers this opportunity.

Consistent, Steady Work

In addition to high-profile work, the IBEW works to find contractors that will offer members regular work which may not always be considered high profile. While this work often does not generate the attention other projects receive, performing maintenance work in industrial or manufacturing facilities means a steady paycheck.

Consistent work is something all electrical workers hope to receive throughout their careers. As a member of the IBEW, the Local Union will help you find work when projects conclude. The goal is for the same contractor to place you on another job. However, in some cases, the contractor may not have enough work. When this happens, the Local, on your behalf, will reach out to other NECA employers to find you employment.

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