The Safety of our Workers is our Top Priority

Industry-leading OSHA Safety Training

The IBEW and our affiliated contractors provide our apprentices and journeymen electrical workers with OSHA safety training to protect them from workplace dangers.

This safety training keeps construction projects progressing efficiently with minimal downtime due to accidents and injuries, which ultimately reduces construction costs in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado.

Safety is our NECA Employers’ Top Priority

Unfortunately, some contractors do not prioritize safety, which is why the IBEW only works with the best electrical contractors in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. Our partner contractors know that a safe workforce saves them money and helps construction continue, which ultimately helps jobs get completed faster.

It is important for all workers to return home safely at the end of their shift. Is it important to you that your employer prioritizes not only your safety but the safety of everyone on the jobsite?

Your safety and the safety of our members is most important to us.

We Train You in the Most Up to Date Safety Practices

All IBEW electrical workers are required to follow all safety procedures and policies in order to ensure their well-being at work. Safety is an important aspect of workforce management for all of our affiliated contractors. Therefore, additional safety courses are added to each Local Union’s training program to ensure all electrical workers are current on the latest industry safety practices.

This industry-leading safety training keeps construction projects progressing efficiently with minimal downtime due to accidents, injuries or worse, which ultimately reduce construction costs. Not only does minimizing downtime keep jobs running on schedule, but it also leads to lower worker compensation premiums.

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