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Electrician, lineman and teledata technicians throughout the states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado are discovering the difference of being a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

These men and women, now IBEW members, are earning better wages and fringe benefits doing the same type of work they were previously doing as non-union electrical workers.

Fill out our wages and benefits comparison calculator to discover how much more you could earn by becoming a member of an IBEW Local Union near you.

The benefits of IBEW membership are more than just the hourly wage, they are the entire package which includes excellent full-family health insurance, great retirement benefits, paid holidays and disability insurance. When the overall package is combined, very few non-union contractors can match the incredible compensation IBEW signatory contractors offer.

The real question you need to ask yourself is can you afford to not join the IBEW?

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Safety is a top priority for all of the IBEW Local Unions and their signatory contractors within Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado. We believe all electrical workers deserve the right to work safely and return home to their families at the end of every shift. This means they should leave work in the same condition they arrived on the jobsite. IBEW Unions and their signatory contractors continually stress the importance of safety, and require electrical workers to follow all safety procedures and policies in order to ensure their well-being while on the job.

Steady Employment And Exciting Jobs On The Horizon

One misconception about becoming an IBEW member is a lack of jobs and not enough work.

This could not be further from the truth!

The construction outlook is bright in the states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah or Colorado for electrical workers. In fact, IBEW Local Unions and their signatory contractors are actively recruiting more electrical workers to complete jobs. Union electrical workers have steady employment and this is expected to continue into the future.

Often times, IBEW contractors are selected to work on high-profile projects. This means IBEW members work on exciting jobsites such as skyscrapers, stadiums, hospitals, schools and other landmark structures.

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